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Basil of the Eye, also known as Basil Basilisk[1], was a powerful magician and Dragon Master during the Turning War. A bear of a man, he was considered one of the true warriors among the Masters.[2] His specialty was paralysis and he could freeze men with a touch or encase them in a block of amber.

Basil was a good friend of Tyr and was with him when they were both slain by the traitorous Azran Bedlam at the end of the war.


Centuries later, Azran summoned Basil and Tyr back from the grave to serve him as zombies. Though forced to follow his every command they retained their personalities and hated their actions. Azran sent the two to kidnap his son, Cabe, to steal back his magical sword, if possible, and to return without delay.

Cabe was guarded by the powerful witch Gwendolyn so the undead servants attacked without warning. Basil quickly paralyzed Cabe and imprisoned Gwendolyn within a block of amber. Tyr went to grab the Horned Blade, but Basil, interpreting their orders literally, said there was no time and they left the weapon.[3]

In Azran's fortress, Cabe was introduced to the former Dragon Masters and came to understand their torment and sorrow at their actions. However, Basil never had the opportunity to help the grandson of Nathan Bedlam, his friend and founder of the Dragon Masters.

Signature Magic[]

One of Basil Basilisk's signature spells was to trap his opponents in a shell of amber. Azran used the spell when he imprisoned Lady Gwendolyn for centuries, leading to her sobriquet Lady of the Amber.

When Basil was later forced to attack Gwendolyn he again used his signature spell, but his heart was not in it. Basil's evocation was weak and this time Gwendolyn was able to quickly escape her prison.


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