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Since the Dragonrealm novels do not have a published timeline, these are notes about dates mentioned in the books:

The Gryphon's "birth", 200+ years before Ice Dragon
Dayn finishing apprenticeship when Gwen started hers under Nathan
3 years later Nathan pledged his love for Gwen
Turning War - almost 5 years long. Over 100 years before Ice Dragon
Drayfitt pledged allegiance to the crown of Talak - roughly 100 years before Shadow Steed
Erini - betrothed to Melicard 18 years before Shadow Steed

Firedrake - YEAR 0

  • Cabe Bedlam - appears to be in his early 20s, though he thought was ~35
  • Rennek IV - well into his 50s

Ice Dragon - YEAR 1

Hazar Aran - died 2 years before Shadow Steed

Shadow Steed - YEAR 10

  • Erini is 17

The Crystal Dragon - roughly 19 years after Ice Dragon

A Wolf in the Fold - 3 years after The Dragon Crown.