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Dragon Tome
Dragon Tome
Author Richard A. Knaak
Type Novel
Released July 1992
Series Origin of the Dragonrealm
Preceded by Children of the Drake
Followed by none

Dragon Tome is the third and final novel of the Origin of the Dragonrealm.

Surviving a perilous journey, explorer Wellen Bedlam arrives on the shores of a fabled land of dragons in Dragon Tome. Such leviathans, though, prove neither the most astonishing nor dangerous aspect of this new world, for hidden within the land called Dragonrealm is an ancient citadel whose master carries a book with spells capable of giving anyone mastery over all. Wellen finds himself the unwitting participant in a struggle between the book's master, the wizards known as the Lords of the Dead, and a monstrous Dragon King, all of whom see the explorer as the perfect yet expendable pawn.


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