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A drake is a creature of magic broadly divided into two categories, both the Lesser and the ruling Greater drakes, though both are produced within the same clutches.

Greater drakes[]

The shape shifting rulers of the drake race. All possess the ability to shift between dragon and humanoid form. Females being the most accomplished having traded overt power for the ability to take a perfect elf like form with several variations. Males alternatively take the form of 7 foot plus hellish knights with scaled armor and dragon crested helms that barely conceal a visage of a humanoid serpent with burning eyes.

All drakes possess, to a extent, the coloration and characteristics of the clan that birthed them. The higher up the hierarchy they are born the more their clan color dominates their scaly hides. Though some clans, such as the Red clan, all members possess full clan coloration.

Drakes possess both a keen sense of smell and hearing and are stated to have better night vision than humans.

Dragon scale, being reinforced by magic, is impervious to mundane (non-magical) weapons. Dragon flight is also magical in nature making the drakes some of the fastest flyers in the skies.

As well as coloration clans can possess unique abilities among the greater drakes above a beyond the generic fire breath of the firedrakes and poison gas of the airdrakes.