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Since the Dragonrealm novels do not have a map, these are notes about the world's geography:

  • Blue's Kingdom – naturally defended from the west by countless swamps, lakes, and rivers. N of Storm's Kingdom
  • Gordag-Ai – far west of Talak. In the northern reaches of Esedi. Far to the NW of Zuu
  • Hell Plains – SE of, and close to, the Tyber Mountains. Within sight of Wenslis. Due north of Dagora Forest. NE of Silver's domain. A army from Talak can travel there between 7-10 days.
  • Iron's Kingdom (land of the hill dwarves) – W of the Tyber Mountains, NW of Penacles. Along the Seas of Andromacus.
  • Legar Peninsula - from the southern reaches of Esedi one can see the NE borderlands of Legar.
  • The Manor – in the center of Dagora Forest. NW and 7 days journey by horseback from Penacles.
  • Morgare - an obscure little region to the SE of Penacles, near the realm of the Black Dragon.
  • Taflur - a small village N of Penacles, near Dagora Forest.
  • Talak – 2 weeks NW of Mito Pica. The only city N of the ruins of Mito Pica. Close to the Tyber Mountains. Far to the NE of the Legar Peninsula. In Silver's domain.
  • Wenslis – city at the W edge of the Storm's domain. Far to the NE of Dagora Forest. Has little trade with Penacles or Zuu, but rather with Mito Pica and Irillian.
  • Zuu – S of Gordag-Ai. N of the Barren Lands. To the N is the SW portion of Dagora Forest. In Green's domain.