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This article is about the novel. For the dragon king, see The Ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon is the second novel of the Dragonrealm Series.

He was a novice warrior, young and untrained, yet Cabe Bedlam fought the fierce shape-shifting Dragon Kings who sought to rule the world of man. Wielding his magic sword against their glittering scaled armor, he drove them back into their petty Dragonrealms. The Dragon Kings still schemed to usurp Cabe and his wife, the gifted spellcaster, Gwen, but none could pierce the potent magic that guarded the humans. Then from the Northern Wastes, the merciless Ice Dragon unleashed the Final Winter—his lethal scheme to conquer the Dragonrealms, and sweep mankind into oblivion. Only Cabe has the courage and power to prevent such disaster. And so he must journey to a distant, frozen land... and to an epic confrontation with the bone-white, utterly evil Ice Dragon.


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