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Orril D'Marr is an officer of the Aramite Empire. He served under Pack Leader Ivon D'Farany during the Wolf Raider invasion of the port city Chaenylon and the invasion into Legar Peninsula.

He is considered to be responsible for the death of Demion, the firstborn son of the Gryphon, and became one of the most hated enemies of the Gryphon, on par with D'Shay/Shaidarol himself.

D'Marr is a skilled warrior and an excellent swordsman. He occasionally uses his sword in battle, but he prefers to use his mace, which is a magical weapon of torture. It has 32 levels of pain, many of which can kill. The levels of pain were such that even level 21 could kill a full grown Quel warrior.


The Crystal Dragon[]

Wolf in the Fold[]