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On September 4, 2015, Richard A. Knaak released a list of the preferred order for reading the Dragonrealm works.[1]

  1. Firedrake
  2. Ice Dragon
  3. Wolfhelm
  4. Shadow Steed
  5. The Shrouded Realm
  6. Children of the Drake
  7. Dragon Tome
  8. The Crystal Dragon
  9. The Dragon Crown
  10. The Horse King
  11. "Past Dance"
  12. "Dragon Master"
  13. "Skins"
  14. "A Wolf in the Fold"
  15. "Storm Lord"
  16. "The Still Lands"
  17. Legends of the Dragonrealm: Shade
  18. "A Game of Ghosts"

Separately, The Turning War novels can be read before any others, but will make more sense if read after Firedrake.

  1. Dragon Masters
  2. The Gryphon Mage
  3. The Horned Blade