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Seekers, also known as Sheekas, have a long history in the dragon realm. Ranging as far back as the Vraad's original appearance in the Dragonrealm, they exist throughout its ongoing timeline, specifically the events related in the The Dragonrealm Series.


The Seekers were an avian race, similar in appearance to The Gryphon. Seekers are man-like in form, walking upright and having the usual bipedal limbs. They have wings on their backs, and are covered from head to clawed feet in feathers. Their heads/faces are avian in nature as well, having eagle-like eyes and a sharp beak for the tearing of flesh. Seekers are also extremely cunning.


Seekers were originally known as Sheekas, by either themselves, or the Founders(?). They, as with the other races that now inhabit the Dragonrealm, were originally from a different world. That world was a slice of reality, created by the Founders, for all of the races they created as their possible successors.

The Seekers were released into the Dragonrealm some time after the Quel, a few thousand years before the Vraad arrived. The seekers maintained a vast empire across the Dragonrealm however were at constant war with the Quel, who were still declining from power.


Seekers typically live in communities, being telepathic. They have lived all over the western continent of Dragonrealm, from the mountains in the Northern Wastes, to the manor in the Dagora Forest, to an aerie out in the Hell Plains that was later used by Azran Bedlam.