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The Crystal Dragon was the solitary, enigmatic king of the Legar Peninsula.



The Crystal Dragon was born as Logan (Loganos) Tezerenee, son of Barakas Tezerenee and Lady Alcia, in the beginning he is known only as one of many obedient children of the Tezerenee Clan and almost like an appendage of his father. He is needed to cross the veil to the Dragonrealm from the dying realm of Nimth in the massive Vraad exodus. It was supposed that once eleven Tezerenee gained pass to the Dragonrealm they would establish a true link of communications with the others. He managed to cross the veil by means of Ka travel, not by crossing it physically, thus using an unfinished drake body. Once the land converted all the Vraad-drake beings into dragons Logan turned into the Crystal Dragon and begin to rule the Legar Peninsula.

Ruling as the Dragon King[]

Once the Dragon King reached the Legar Peninsula he discovered a special chamber left behind by the founding race. The chamber, previously used by the Quel, had the power to view the world or reflect different aspects of the one dwelling it, which led Gerrod Tezerenee to be driven almost mad by it, for the later saw infinite reflections of what he would become. For the Dragon King it reminded him of whom he was thus he was able to retain his memory as Logan Tezerenee, setting him in an eternal struggle for the dominion of his mind between Logan and the Dragon King. He tricked everyone else into believing that the original Crystal Dragon had died and his heirs had taken over the throne, but he is one of very few Vraad still alive.

The War of the Ice Dragon[]

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Struggle against the Aramites[]

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Alliance with Shade[]

In the Legends of the Dragonrealm: Shade, he forges and alliance with shade in order to gain access to the Tower of the Founders. Ultimately he takes Shade place in order to become the new mind of the land, and along the Phoenix he manage to do it. Logan's last words were: "I have lived too long... I will not become as our brothers... a beast. This is better for me... and for you... Gerrod. The land will be better served... I promise."