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The Dragon Crown
The Dragon Crown
Author Richard A. Knaak
Type Novel
Released July 1994
Series The Dragonrealm Series
Preceded by The Crystal Dragon
Followed by The Horse King

The Dragon Crown is the sixth book in the Dragonrealm Series.

Heir to the dragon emperor's throne, the young, shape-shifting drake Kyl is the focus of many who seek to control the realm's destiny. Cabe Bedlam most of all hopes that this new emperor will be the signal for peace among drakes and men, but knows that he might just as well prove the spark that brings the land to war. However, first Kyl must survive and in trying to assure that, Cabe will have to confront a nightmarish foe from his distant past, one who can strike at him even from within the wizard's own sanctum...


The Dragon Crown begins with a council of the Dragon Kings. The remaining Dragon Kings, discuss the need for a new Dragon Emperor, the last one having died nearly two decades previous. Several Dragon Kings, namely The Black Dragon, and Sssaleese, did not wish for a new Emperor, but it was decided by the majority that one was needed to give the drake race a unified front in the twilight of their reign. The heir to the drake throne is Kyl, a drake who was raised by the Bedlams. Many drakes did not care for the idea of a drake emperor raised by humans, but the Red Dragon suggested a meeting with Kyl, to which most of the Dragon Kings agreed. The Green Dragon agreed to speaking with the Bedlams and arranging such a talk, and the council soon came to an end. 

The Green Dragon spoke with Cabe, and an option was discussed that the drake lords would chose a representative among themselves to meet with Kyl. That representative would most likely be the Blue Dragon, as many of the other Dragon Kings are either untrustworthy, young, or unstable.