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The Green Dragon
Biographical information
Titles King of Dagora Forest
Home Dagora Forest
Physical description
Species Drake
Clan Green
Gender Male
Historical information

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The Green Dragon is the king of Dagora Forest and the father of Yssa, who is half-human. He was on good terms with the Bedlams, especially Cabe Bedlam. However, this changed when Cabe discovered he was behind an assassination attempt of Kyl, at the time the heir-apparent of the Dragon Emperor.

The Green Dragon has always been noted among the Dragon Kings as one who accepts the rise of humans. Even before the rise of humans, humans and drakes in Lord Green's domain have always had a nearly equal status, the only difference between it and the Manor in present day being that it has a drake lord, rather than a human one.

The Green Dragon differs from many of his counterparts such that he and all of his predecessors have shared an interest in the history of the Dragonrealm. The Green Dragon makes it a hobby to collect various artifacts and talismans from both the age of the Seekers, and the age of the Quel. In the Dragon Tome, the Green Dragon, or more likely one of the predecessors of the current Green Dragon, was described as an enthusiastic scholar.