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This article is about the dragon king. For the novel, see Ice Dragon (novel).

The Ice Dragon was the mad, apocalyptic lord of the Northern Wastes.


Since the time of the first Dragon Kings the Ice Dragon has been one of the most remote – geographically, politically, and personally. Only the enigmatic Crystal Dragon has withdrawn more from its brethren. The Lord of the Northern Wastes rarely attended council meetings, attended to council business, or involved itself or its clan in the schemes of other Dragon Kings. The kingdom of the Ice Dragon was nothing but frozen mountains and tundra with no humans to rule. There was little need to engage with the outside world.

At the same time the Ice Dragon was the most traditional of all the Dragon Kings. He often used tradition to justify his solitary behavior. Since the other Kings no longer followed the old ways and had grown too close to their human subjects, the King of the Northern Wastes had no reason to associate with such failures.

His Kingdom[]

The Northern Wastes are so distant from other kingdoms and the actions of the Ice Dragon were so subtle that incredible works of magic went unnoticed. The Dragon King managed to expand the Wastes deep into the Dragonrealm. The Ice Passage become subglacial. Life, whether human, dragon, or even plant, retreated south.[1] Ever so slowly the Ice Dragon grew his lifeless kingdom.

Final Winter[]

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