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Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Historical information

Yalak, along with Nathan Bedlam, was the founder of the Dragon Masters. Their vision built an army of wizards powerful and audacious enough to challenge the Dragon Kings for the freedom of the human race.

The resulting rebellion, the Turning War, was a grinding five year conflict in which the Dragon Masters won many minor battles but few significant victories. Realizing they were slowly losing the war, they decided to attack the mastermind of the Dragon Kings, the Purple Dragon. Yalak was to lead a diversionary assault while Nathan challenged Purple directly. Yalak, backed by Tyr, led a force to the Brown Dragon's kingdom, where they cast a horrific spell that turned the region into the Barren Lands.

A noted seer, his greatest work was Yalak's Egg, a crystal used for divining the future. His foresight did not extend to Azran Bedlam's treachery, however, and he was killed by the mad wizard at the end of the war. In a moment of morbid irony, Azran turned Yalak's skull into a scrying device.

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