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Yalak's Egg is an incredibly powerful divination device created by Yalak the Dragon Master. It is a glass bauble shaped like an egg. When held by a wizard the inside of the Egg will fill with mist and images can be seen. The images can be of the past, present, or future, and are not always explicable. The holder of Yalak's Egg cannot control what is seen, with the singular exception of Shade.[1]

Yalak left the Egg with the Gryphon before he traveling to what would soon be called the Barren Lands. Centuries later the device was still in the Gryphon's possession and used to track a fledgling Cabe Bedlam. The following year he and the Blue Dragon together used the Egg to help Cabe reverse the spell of Final Winter.[2]

The Egg is one of the few things that frightens Darkhorse. When he looks into the crystal he sees the Void; a vision so real that it threatens to draw him in.[3]